What is a movely?

What is a movely?

A Movely is what you do when you move more, mindfully.

Movelies are functionally elegant, efficient and mindful movements. They can encourage and support body, breath, mind activation, and relaxation. A Movely is healthy and fun.

You can make excellent Movelies by piecing together the postures from yoga (called asanas), but equally there are other practices that you can use. Among these are calisthenics and functional movement, tai chi, dance, swimming and walking.

 Yoga is my default for movelies, simply because I have been practicing and teaching yoga asana, pranayama and relaxation for a long time.  Yoga was historically used as a means to stabilise the body, and the mind in preparation for the more challenging practices of concentration, contemplation,  and meditation.  Staying in a fixed posture was typically seen as the way to do this.  It was also an austerity practice in it’s own right.

But the 21st century brings with it a lot for our minds to manage and as a result our minds are full of chatter – sometimes internally generated, sometimes externally influenced.

Gently moving from one yoga pose to another is one way to “catch” the chattering mind and help it focus.  Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras says that yoga is the means of stilling the ever turning mind. Moving from one posture to another, and using both body and breath to do this is one of the quickest and most powerful ways of moving towards a stiller mind.  The yogis call a sequence of moves, a vinyasa. I call it a movely. Movelies are lovely – you can feel a sense of ease and flow when you move from one posture to another, and the movements can help not only the body but also the breath.  It’s a paradox but by moving the body you help your mind come to stillness.

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