A slow-mo’ walk can bring balance of body and mind

A yoga practice, whether it is a personal daily practice, or one during a class is always a more complete practice with a balance or two.

In the yoga class, and even in a personal practice, balances tend to result in lots of wobbling. And although wobbling is a thing, we tend to get distracted by this.  Here’s a thing – perhaps we can embrace the wobbling. Maybe consider it as a measure of our current state?  So we now have a tangible measure which we can use to gauge or understand where or how we are.  That is a good starting point.  Balances don’t have to be complicated, on a tight rope or on your hands with your legs in the air. In fact, the best balances are those that are functional, every day balances that we do often without thinking about it. When we stand still, we balance. When we walk – it is an act of balancing, one foot at a time. Movement keeps us going forward but if we slow down the walking to slo-mo’ we begin to really experience walking as a balancing act. This is a lovely practice to explore.

Slowing down our walking to an absolute slow-mo’ is a real exploration of balance. So if our “wobble measure” tells us that we are mentally and physically all over the place because we are “wobbling like crazy”, maybe we can go to ‘slow-mo’ to embrace the wobble rather than standing on one leg and getting frustrated or annoyed or whatever it is we feel.

This idea of balancing in a slow motion walk has merit. It’s something that we can do anywhere, and at any time. Stopping mid walk with one foot off the ground, and one foot on is a wonderful way to explore balances and somehow it feels more natural than launching into standing balancing postures. Slowly we can slow the wobbling in our bodies and our minds. And then, by stealth, we may arrive at a standing, and static one legged balance.

So, one of the great things about physical balancing is that it seems to be directly connected to our mental state, and as such we can use a balance to re-balance our minds.

Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras describes yoga as something that can still the constantly turning mind. Getting into a balance can help do just that. It provides a focus for the mind and as such it can stop the turning and churning thoughts we have, as we focus.  As a result it can give us calmness and mental equilibrium or balance.

Doing a slow-mo’ walk, where you really explore what balancing on one foot is like has the added reassurance that while you will wobble, you wont fall down, because you are in motion moving forward.

When your mind is whirling around and you want it to slow down and focus on something that is helpful and kind to you why not try try a slow-mo’ walk?

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