Fields of enquiry : memo from a psychonaut

Body, breath, speech and mind are the basis of experience and life, therefore these are the necessary fields of enquiry, and practice.

If here, now is all there is, body, breath, speech and mind coming together as an integral unit called “me” or “you” – or “them”, represents a powerful vehicle for navigating “ourselves” through life and death, our relationships with ourselves, others and the world out there, as much as our internal world.

The body and the mind are powerful recorders of our experiences, and our mind creates narratives about these experiences. If we catch our mind working we can see that we are narrating our way through life, moment by moment. That internal narrator can be quite accurate or quite distorted. How we narrate the world, creates the precedent for how we see the world. We think its the other way round but mostly it is our chatting mind, narrating a reality that may or may not actually be happening. Our minds are influenced by the layers of thought and experience over a long period of time. Sometimes this is habitual attitudes or memories. We see ourselves and the world through the prism of our narratives carefully constructed consciously or unconsciously over time.

This means that if we are to endeavor to see ourselves, and others as we really are, or the world as it really is we need to at the very least be aware of the filters and narratives that we have created. Maybe we want this, or perhaps, maybe we are quite happy with how things are. The litmus test is simply this. If you are unhappy with how things are, its likely that the technology of yoga in all of its methods described so clearly by Patanjali may help.

Here’s the thing though. Don’t expect this to be an easy ride. The moment you strap in and take the psychonaut journey you are guaranteed some challenging times. For example, meditation? Sounds easy right ? Good luck with that. Asana – the twisty, bendy stuff ? You might find it fuels your ego – or not ! Pranayama – breath work – we all do this right, can’t be hard ? Breath retentions have a powerful way of testing your calm and resolve. Self enquiry and learning – a doddle surely? Well turn that smartphone off, and stop listening to music while you read those scriptures.

Did you know that this yoga stuff dressed up as a psychonaut journey could be fun and interesting? Im going to help folks see this. Hope you can join me.

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