Why do yoga?

Yoga as a set of practices for body, breath, voice and mind helped, & continues to help me to return to who I am. What I mean by this is that there is a part of me that is free from bias and conditioning, not eager to please and certainly not buffeted by the random strings and arrows of fortune and time. The practices include asana – the physical postures and movements, breathing, chanting, meditation and contemplation. The regular practice of meditation helped me to fix my wavering attention and focus on what matters to me and those around me. These all somehow created the space in body, breath, voice and mind to become who I wanted to be too. I had aspirations to be kind, thoughtful, creative and so on. Somehow the practices helped me find space to learn and practice the behaviours and states of mind that I wanted and felt were important. It’s an ongoing process of being born and awakening. The gift of yoga is that it gets easier and more meaningful.

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