It’s an interesting experience when we stop, and pause, to observe what is happening in the field of our being. What do I mean by that? Firstly, I mean it is interesting to simply stop what you are doing and observe how you are, how you feel, what you are thinking and importantly, who you are. Taking this further, you can stop, and then observe your breathing and see how you are, how you feel, what thoughts are arising, and again, who you are.

Finally, you can explore movement. You might try this consciously, with breath in harmony with movement, or perhaps without linking breath to the movement. A good rule of thumb is to breath in as you expand open and breath out as you contract. Inhale with expansive, opening movements, and exhale with contracting, closing movements. Try it. See what happens.

What this simple set of exercises does is bring an awareness of the field of your being. I don’t want to pre-empt your own experience but would encourage you to explore this.

I spend much of my time exploring the relationship between mind, body and breath. It is an interesting field of exploration. I would encourage you to do so too. This is particularly helpful when you are being blown about by the world, like a leaf in the wind, with your mind all over the place. Similarly, you might feel lethargic and wish for more energy. These two explorations are fantastic opportunities to engage and explore the relationship and the effect of integrating body, breath and mind.